Electing Jill Underly Wisconsin State Superintendent of Schools and Judge Jeffry Davis on April 6 is critical for the nation

If the spirit of Democracy is ailing nationally, it’s code blue here in the Badger State.


Citing Harvard’s Electoral Integrity Project that measures the health of democracies around the world, on a scale of 1 to 100, Wisconsin scored a 3, “the lowest in the world” said author David Daley in a recent public radio interview.

Wisconsin’s state government is less responsive to its citizens than authoritarian states like Venezuela, which scored a 14,said Daley, an expert on gerrymandering. Wisconsin’s “lines have provided a firewall against politics, against the public will.”

Strategically important

The position of State Superintendent of Schools hardly…

Editor’s Note: I published this with a different headline, but after I showed the results below to my teenage daughter, the next day without hesitation she cancelled her plans to meet a friend after work, which she’s been doing (masked) regularly. Thus the headline above.

Do you love taking risks and playing slot machines? How about a game of Russian Roulette? Or something with even riskier odds?

Here’s a COVID-19 infection risk calculator that scientists around the world created that crunches all the data to calculate your risk, in your backyard. You can use it for holiday events as well…

Perception is everything. A huge percentage of the world, especially in the US, perceives ourselves as deeply divided.

One side sees clear and repeated violations of the Constitution, from vote tampering and election rigging — collusion with a foreign government against American citizens — for personal financial and political gain.


The other side feels bonded to a beloved president, and that any contesting and correcting his behavior, whether in the opinions of others or through legal processes like impeachment is perceived as highly offensive which must be defended against at all costs.


What will happen to us as…

Clearly, the way to reunite the country is not to be found in presidential debates. Here’s a better idea.

The following idea is as American as apple pie, older than the Declaration. But partisan propagandists have succeeded at turning it into a taboo subject.

It’s called compromise.

I do not suggest compromise between partisans. Clearly that won’t work today.

I am talking about compromise between people, heart to heart. The kind of compromise Thomas Jefferson made when he wrote the Declaration. There were no parties then. There were only people. Individuals assessing issues of importance to them. Then it was imperative that all people unite to fight a war for our independence.

The first draft of the Declaration called…

As a political independent, I am loyal to no party but to values. In any candidate I look for:

  • HEART (demonstrated love and compassion for others)
  • BRAINS (values education, diversity, culture, and sees the interconnectedness of the world)
  • VISION (soars high, looking ahead not backwards, sees a way forward that is good for all)
  • BACKBONE (stands up for values and for others, takes responsibility, and does not weakly and cowardly shame, blame, point fingers, or demonize anyone else, but treats all, even opponents, with respect.)
  • HUMILITY (demonstrates servant leadership, as embodied by Jesus Christ)
  • LIFE SUPPORT (cares for all life…

Eighty years ago this month, the Battle of Britain began, leading to the horrific and deadly London Blitz.

For nine long months, the country observed a strict lights-out curfew while horrific bombing of London happened.

A general view of Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament, in London, shrouded in darkness. Lights seen on bridge are caused by car headlights. A searchlight attempts to cut through the shroud. https://mashable.com/2014/10/13/to-hide-from-wwii-bombs-london-goes-dark/

When air raid alarms sounded, citizens hid in dark basements and shelters, while bombs destroyed their neighborhoods.

America is in a constitutional crisis, but many do not know it. Imagine you’ve just arrived in a time machine from 25 or 50 years ago — you haven’t been living through all this. Our situation:

  • We have an impeached president who did not go through the legal processes set up by the constitution.
  • This impeached president indicates continually he is not following the U.S. Constitutional playbook: praising dictators; breaking relations with democratic allies; calling for military parades; praising vigilantism; bribing foreign powers to interfere in our elections; attempting to buy Greenland, and many more.
  • We have rogue partisan loyalists…

Sheltering at home with our teenage daughter has been a bonding experience and a joy for my husband and I. Yet it has not been without its intense moments.

The other night just before bed, Elizabeth asked, “Did you see the text I sent to our family chat?”

She wanted to share something she and her friends find a lot of fun: meme humor. A way of sharing of an inside joke, visually, with a hobbled-together picture and a few words, referencing some common shared cultural experience or phenomenon.

Definition of meme from Google

As her dad doesn’t do social media at all, quite deliberately…

Wisconsin is a state of extremes. Not just freezing winters and blistering summers, but also a political pendulum that can take wide swings. Evidenced by the fiasco of our pandemic spring election which made headlines around the world.

Never in my life as a US citizen, daughter and niece of four WWII veterans, one of whom gave his life at Iwo Jima, did I expect to see such blatant greed and gross negligence of duty. Human lives used as pawns in political game-playing. Right here in my own back yard.

A few days after the election I received a newsletter…

Meditating today on Lazarus Saturday, a major feast for hundreds of millions of Orthodox Christians and the start of Holy Week, I wanted to share my thoughts on death. How much we fear it. Hate it. Deny it. Avoid it.

Fear of death has gripped the world in a way like never before. Thanks to this highly contagious coronavirus, fear of death has ground everything to a halt.

Why do we fear death? Is fear of death is natural, instinctual? Is it because death is unknown, and it is natural to fear what is unknown? …

Laurel Kashinn

Laurel Kashinn is a Certified Ghostwriter, Professional Résumé Writer, doTERRA Wellness Advocate, and Orthodox Christian living and writing in Milwaukee, Wisc.

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